Expertly Said

I have come across more than one baker who never shares their recipes. Oh they will write out the ingredients but they leave out one of the essentials like baking powder. They want to be the only expert in their puny field. (Luke 14:10)

Over time we learn not to trust that so-called expert. The same is true of every area in life, from politics to writing, baking or raising children.

The expert might have lots of knowledge in their area, but if they don’t share that information, they are failures. 

Now that you are an expert, you have certain responsibilities. A true expert shares what they know. They are humble in attitude and behavior. They show respect to others. They do not place themselves at the head of the table and rule the rest of us with their secrets.

Writers in particular seem willing to share what they know. Just drop a question to the most famous of writers and then watch for wise answers to pour in. 

We keep not silent. It is not our way. So today I ask you where you are an expert. Should you be sharing your expertise about child care, vacations abroad or science fiction? 

Should you tell your neighbour how to avoid that center seam in her quilt? Where to buy the best bologna? Are you an expert on how to stay alive in a pandemic?

Tell folks in every expert way possible. Write it. Talk it. Whisper it. Your expertise must be passed on; otherwise you are no expert. You are a dog in the manger hoarding your little bits so that others must revere you and beg for your truths.

No one after he has lighted a lamp covers it with a vessel or puts it under a [dining table] couch; but he puts it on a lamp stand, that those who come in may see the light. (Luke 8:16, AMPC)

Prayer- Father, bless our area of expertise as we share it with others. (Mathew 15:27) Amen.

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