Now I know this topic excites you! Who likes to give up their favourite things? We’ve turned our spiritual fasting into modern day give-ups like social media, or a specialty item like coffee or chocolate. Did you know that fasting really means to willingly give up food for a length of time? That hurts, doesn’t it? The truth is that especially in North America, we let our bodily desires control us. We are the slave of our flesh.

Our church declares a fast time in the Easter season, but it’s generally the modern day give-ups I mentioned earlier. Still, in their own way, they reveal our hunger for so many things that are not God.

We seldom get down and dirty and actually hungry.

Some people fast to get their own way. Don’t count on it.  (See 2 Samuel 12:15) We cannot manipulate God.

And don’t count on a fast to cleanse you of unbelief, unrighteousness or downright sin. Isaiah says don’t expect anything good to come out of that. (See Isaiah 58:3-7).

Whenever we lay aside everything to get closer to our Lord God, we are able to see what hinders our relationship with him.

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