Are You Following Through on Your Word?

There are so many exciting adventures out there. So many creative people with new ideas and projects. Sometimes it can be hard to choose what to be a part of – especially for those of us who get excited about being involved in things.

As an Editor and Publisher – I can tell you, that you have to prioritize what you say ‘yes’ to. I can easily overextend myself. I hate letting others down. If I agree to be a part of something, I pride myself on sticking to my word. I intend to fully commit to whatever it is that I said ‘yes’ to.  I know what it’s like to count on someone and then have them move on quickly to something else. It takes a lot of time and effort to regroup, cover for them, find someone else, etc.

I think as Christians, we should pride ourselves on our word. We should be able to follow through with integrity, honor, and trust in whatever ventures we have committed ourselves to. Sure, seasons change and God calls us to move on at times. So I don’t expect us all to stay in the same role forever simply because we feel obligated. But I also think we need to be very careful about never finishing or completing something. Do you know what I’m saying?

If we agree to do something, then after two months move on to something else, then after 4 months move on to something else, then after 3 weeks decide that wasn’t for us…..and on and on – their becomes a pattern of becoming unreliable, inconsistent, and ‘flighty.” Maybe we are taking things on too quickly without properly praying about it. Maybe we don’t know our own mind and passions well enough and need to take some time away to truly discover who we are, what we like, and what we want in life first.

It’s okay to try things out and experiment a little bit in life. We just need to be careful that we aren’t being selfish about using and abusing other people’s times, heart, and trust in us in the process. For some people know exactly what they want and can assume (if we say yes) that we do too!

I want to be a “follow through” kind of gal. I want others to know that if I say ‘yes’ to something, that it’s because I believe in it and that I have prayed and/or feel that it’s something that God is asking of me. I want them to know they can count on me and I’m reliable. I never want to be the kind of person that is only somewhere until something better comes along that escalates my image or reputation. No, I want to be somewhere and involved with things that I’m passionate about.

How about you? Do others view you as a “follow through” kind of person or are you at risk of being “flighty” and unable to stick a project out to completion?

I can’t even fathom if God were someone that I couldn’t rely on. If He were tired of spending time on me and moved on to someone else. I can’t expect any less of myself.

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