Forgive Them

Jesus said “Forgive them. They know not what they do.” But did they really not know what they were doing? Was Jesus being extra forgiving? The Pharisees knew they had falsified evidence against Jesus. Pilate knew. His wife knew. Jesus’ very friends knew. The crowds knew. We all know our own sin.

But what if Jesus meant this. “Forgive them, Father, because they don’t understand who I am. They don’t understand that I am your son, the son of God?

Forgiveness is hard. It was extremely hard to be in excruciating pain, gasping for breath and suffering in every bone in your body. And yet, Jesus said, “Forgive them.

Now you who fights with your neighbor or who is separated from your children or a sibling, why haven’t you forgiven?

What kind of example are you giving to your children? Why are you leaving a legacy of lingering separation in your family? What will generations say in time to come?

“Oh, we don’t speak to that side of the family.”

“Why not, mom?

“Oh, we aren’t sure what they fought about, but grandma always said not to mix with them.”

Oh, the legacy we leave.

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