Freebie Valentine’s Day

Here we go again. But we are sort of off the hook this year. No big expensive meals out that we can’t afford. Maybe we can order in but we will use extreme caution even there. The flower shops might be closed and we can’t get a card, unless it comes off the internet. Here’s a hint. Love is not expensive if you are with the right person.

Take your sweetie for a romantic walk in the moonlight… Point out any star and call it by your lover’s name. Make a special dinner together. Stir in unusual, (but edible) ingredients. Dance the night away with YouTube, radio or Karaoke machines.

Take all the family sledding. Let your kids know that you love each other! Organize a beach treasure hunt. If you live in snow, do it with snow. (Spring might be the only way you find some of the stuff!)

Write a love note to your darling. Be sure to use their name lest someone else reads it and misunderstands the motive!

Or use your imagination, friends. After all, love never fails.

(1 Corinthians 13:8a, NIV)

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