Freedom Rock Is Beautiful Tribute to Nation’s Soldiers

Last week, I ran across the inspirational story of a Greenfield, Iowa artist who has painted a personal tribute to veterans each of the last 10 Memorial Days.

On a large boulder that marks the entrance to an old rock quarry stands the Freedom Rock. In 1999, Ray “Bubba” Sorensen–after seeing the movie “Saving Private Ryan”–was moved to paint the rock as a way of saying “thank you” to our nation’s soldiers. That first painting honored the flag raising in Iwo Jima. Local veterans have asked him to paint a new mural on the rock for Memorial Day ever since.

Sorensen’s murals are beautiful tributes to our nation’s soldiers. This year’s rock mural in inscribed with a quote from the Revolutionary War: “A soldier in defense of such a cause needs no title; his post is a post of honor and blessed will be his memory.”

On Sorensen’s Web site, he says, “Say a prayer for the men and women currently serving our country, and if you see a veteran today, say ‘thank you’ for their service.” That’s a simple thing we can all do today to honor those who have served our country and protected our freedom.


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