Gays in the military

I am opposed to gays serving openly in the military. This opposition goes beyond religious beliefs. It is practical and biological. I was in high school where boys and girls in PE and sports programs showered separately after gym programs. I have served (briefly) in the US Navy where men and women were housed separately. Prisons and other residential institutions house men and women separately. All this is for a good reason. Men and women are usually sexually attracted to each other. to have them sleeping, showering and living together under the close conditions of these situations would create serious tension. In schools, sports and prisons the results of these build up (or acted on) tensions aren’t calamitous. In situations where lives and our national security are on the line, these tensions could prove to be fatal. Our national security should not be held hostage by a small group of individuals who are demanding their “rights”. The only reason they can demand these “rights” is because of a well trained and disciplined military to protect them. There were many questions and hesitations over the issue of women serving in a submarine’s close quarters for just this very reason. If we allow gays to serve in the military then we should just open the door wide and mix the genders in all venues where they are segregated. Begin in school and allow our middle school children to mingle, nude, in showers. There is no difference when placing gays in the military! I will pray for America, because this seems to me to spell the beginning of the end.

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