Gays/lesbians upset at state rules for 2022 World Cup behavior

Once again the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transvestite community has risen up in indignation they can’t openly practice their sexual preferences when Sepp Blatter voiced an opinion when asked what the GLBT soccer fans should do during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Blatter of the FIFA simply said, “They should refrain from sexual activities,” while in Qatar.

I’m getting a lot annoyed at these in-your-face militant reactions to society’s reluctance to embrace this abnormal lifestyle. Why is it these people have to be so blatant about what they do behind closed doors? My goodness, a husband and wife don’t fondle each other in public. Unmarried couples usually refrain from blatant public display of affection. Why must gay/lesbians force an issue in a country which has deeply rooted religious laws just so they can hold hands in public? In Qatar, homosexual relationships are forbidden. It is not only religious law, it is state law. So why can’t they refrain from sexual activities for the brief amount of time they’ll be there? Why must an entire country kowtow to such a minority of people? We require teenagers to maintain self-control in public, why can’t gays and lesbians who supposedly are adults with adult constraint.

It is obvious they have no respect for any other people. If they did, they would have no problem honoring another country’s laws. If they had manners, they wouldn’t introduce themselves immediately followed by, “I’m gay.” That conjures up images in my head that are sinful and that make me want to vomit.

The criticism of Blatter and the FIFA comes from the openly gay basketball player, John Amaechi. The problem here is Amaechi (and the GLBT community as well) doesn’t seem to be thinking straight. He’s quoted in the article as stating Blatter wasn’t talking about open sex between gay football fans, but the holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes and romantic candlelight dinners, and especially no indulgence in one night stands with strange fellows while in Qatar. Well, duh. Amaechi is also complaining about having to “recloset” themselves. It seems to me that being more circumspect about sexual activities would not only be more courteous and respectful, but also be an excellent way to gain the respect of others who do not adhere to the normalcy of the lifestyle.

While I disagree with the Quran and the Islam faith, I do respect the people who practice it. I would not be up in someone’s face pounding them about how wrong they are. That is not the way to proselytize any group. The same is true of others who do not practice my Christian beliefs. So many Christians forget that while we were all sinners, Jesus loved us while we were so unlovely. How can we do anything less? We have no right to sit on high horses pointing fingers. As the old adage says, he who throws rocks should not live in a glass house. The moral here is for everyone to have more tolerance for those who are not like us.

The 2000 census revealed only 4% of the American population had guts enough to claim the homosexual lifestyle, yet the GLBT kept preaching there were more than 10% of the population who were homosexual. I am eagerly anticipating the results from the 2010 census to find out how few homosexuals there actually are in the U.S. I seriously doubt there’ll be much more this time around.  It always seems the squeaky wheel is worse than the other wheels, but it is only squeaky. 

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