Giving The Little Guys Of Christian Music A Break

A major Christian recording act recently released an album.

I was in search of a copy to review.

I went to their Website, I visited the site of their record company, I spent time looking for their publicist. I went as far as to contact a member directly.

No replies, no CD and therefore, sorry, but no review.

I am in the beginning stages of releasing an album. I contact radio stations daily. The large majority won’t even listen to independent artists, and here I am spending valuable time begging a band for a CD.

So instead of promoting artists who have forgotten their anguish on the way to the Christian charts, I am going to focus on the little guy, those who write for an audience of One.

For the artists who pour their passion for Christ into their music and thus into a CD.

I went on a search for a great unknown. I found several, but one is exceptional – Angel Dean.

One of my earlier blogs, “Does Christian Music Suck?” had many of you saying that Christian music is too similar and repetitive. Here is your opportunity to support the new generation of Christian music.

Anyone who follows my articles knows I don’t do many reviews. I am a very hard critic. Knowing all aspects of songwriting and recording, I pick it apart.

The music of Angel Dean is exceptional. The CD is brilliantly produced by David Huff. The studio performance is cutting-edge. Angel enlisted assistance in the studio by some Hollywood mainstream heavy hitters, including DJ Ashba.

However, his music may find opposition to airplay. It’s not the standard formula. He is unique and original. The title track “Light Me On Fire” is not the best, but one of many great songs.

What is as memorable as the music is his belief and passion for Christ. Angel Dean is the real deal.
Throughout all this, there was a “God moment” lesson for me.

During the interview, I was very anti-industry in my frustration. Angel, sensing that, reminded me by stating, “…you don’t want to turn the industry into the enemy.” He is absolutely correct.

It is the current industry that inspired me to write a Christian album. He reminded me that no matter how frustrated I may become, Jesus Christ is working his message through Christian music. To paraphrase his comments there is no perfect model, but we should not forget that today’s Christian music is very positive, and as Christians, we should praise God and continue to move forward.

Angel is a Godly man who wants to sincerely serve God and use his music to minister. I highly recommend you add the “Light Me On Fire” CD by Angel Dean to your collection. I look forward to seeing him on tour.


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