Glenn Beck Might Be Going Blind, Asks for Prayers

Conservative radio and TV host Glenn Beck gave “a tearful and passionate speech at his 'American Revival' meeting in Salt Lake City on Saturday, and revealed that he may be going blind,” records Politics Daily.

Doug Powers, conservative blogger, called Beck “one of the nicest people in the (media) business”. It's important for us to remember that even if we don't agree with Glenn Beck's theology (Beck is a devout Mormon) or his political ideologies, (Beck is a Libertarian) it is essential that we remember the compassion and kindness of Christ toward others.

The YouTube video of Beck's speech is here, and it is shocking to see the amount of vitriol that spews out toward him in the comments section. For anyone to rejoice in another's illness is unthinkable. It's even worse that our political system has denigrated to the point where mocking a fellow citizen's hardship is OK simply because we disagree with his views. Of course such comments are protected free speech and should not be silenced, but as Christians, we should be compassionate responders to such news, both toward Beck and his supporters and those who are so hateful toward him.

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