Glenn Beck Rallies for God

When you hear the name Glenn Beck what do you think?  Crazy man?  Radical?  Defender of our country?  Conservative?

No matter what labels you put on the man, there is no doubt that he is at the very least passionate.  He speaks what is on his mind and he doesn’t care what others think.  I think sometimes we as believers could really learn something from that.

This past Saturday Glenn Beck hosted a “Restoring Honor” event at the National Mall in Washington.  This was no political rally.  This was about restoring the honor of this country back to the foundations it was built upon, God. 

I really give him credit for standing up and defending the Judeo-Christian faith this country was founded on.  I’m sure he knew going into this that he would receive a lot of backlash from it.  I don’t think he really cared.

At one point Beck mentioned how the country was wandering in darkness.  Yes, I do believe it is time that the light begins to shine and that light is Jesus Christ. 

Beck was not the only one to make this declaration.  Sarah Palin let her voice be heard loud and clear.  Like Beck, she doesn’t seem to care what others think.  She is going to speak from her heart.

What they did would be considered politically incorrect.  They have stepped on a lot of toes.  They ruffled more than a few feathers.  Yet it has me thinking.  Would I be willing to do the same?  Would I be willing to stand up and defend my faith so vocally?  Would I be willing to endure the backlash, the criticism and the taunting that would be sure to follow?

No matter what you personally think of Glenn Beck, you have to give him credit for being so bold.  You also have to ask yourself, would I be so bold to stand up for my faith?

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