God Forsaken

Hebrews 13:5I will never desert you, nor forsake you (NASB).

Many a person scorns the Word of God and all that it stands for, yet unknowingly uses Biblical phrases on a regular basis. Do any of these sound familiar to you? All are terms from the Bible.

  1. By the skin of my teeth
  2. Salt of the earth  
  3. Holier than thou                        
  4. Woe is me
  5. Handwriting on the wall            
  6. Can a leopard change its spots  
  7. Eat, drink and be merry             
  8. Give up the ghost    
  9. Fat of the land                           
  10. My brother’s keeper      
  11. Pride goes before a fall             
  12. Wolf in sheep’s clothing 
  13. Hell to pay                                
  14. Blind leading the blind            
  15. Lamb for the slaughter       
  16. Drop in the bucket       
  17. God-forsaken     

Perhaps we’d better watch what we say. Are we using these lines in context? For example, number 17, God-forsaken, is from the sentence Jesus cried out while on the cross. At that moment, on our behalf, it was true for Him. We’ll never be God-forsaken if we know Jesus as our personal Savior. The literal translation of Hebrews 13:5 is “I, Jesus will never, no never, not ever, leave you nor forsake you!”

Prayer: Lord, we didn’t know these thoughts were yours long before they were ours. When we hear the term God-forsaken, remind us again of your Son who really was God-forsaken on our behalf. Give us the courage to point that out to others. In His name. Amen.

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