God Is Not A Pez Dispenser

I was in the candy aisle this past week because I had such a craving for chocolate.  My eyes landed on the Pez dispensers and I’m not kidding, these words immediately came to my mind, “God is not a Pez dispenser.”

My first reaction was to chuckle inside.  “Okay, that’s great.  Thanks for sharing that God.”  I tried to dismiss the thought but it wouldn’t leave, so I began to really think about Pez dispensers.

First of all, I remember absolutely loving Pez dispensers and the candy when I was a child.  My children went through their own period of going absolutely gaga over one of them. 

There is something about being able to select a different character that is very appealing to children.  Suddenly candy takes on a whole new meaning when you can “dress it up.”  So I started thinking about God.  How often do we search for just the right Pez dispenser?

I remember my children being very picky about which one they got.  There would even be arguments over them and trade-offs would begin.  It’s kind of like the Word.  We are sometimes picky about which parts we like and which parts we don’t. 

We even try to make our own trade-offs.  We may not come right out and say it but we act like Gideon.  We put out the fleece and ask Him to make something clear to us when we already know the answer.

There are also times when we are so hungry for the candy, the sweet stuff, that we toss the Pez dispenser to the side.  I remember at times my children didn’t feel like taking the time to carefully place their pieces of candy inside the Pez dispenser.  They just wanted to get right to the candy. 

Do we ever toss God aside?  Do we try to skip over Him in an effort to get right to what we want?  The stuff we think is so sweet and will satisfy? 

I’m not entirely sure why this strange word was put on my heart but one thing I have learned is to just be obedient.  If God wants me to share that He is not a Pez dispenser, then I won’t question it. 

As they say, God certainly does work in mysterious ways!

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