God’s Love As Declared In Psalm 139

While some are thinking today of roses and candy hearts, others are perhaps mourning the loss of a loved one or feeling rejected or quite possibly disappointed that their Valentine’s Day hasn’t turned out as wonderful as it has for others.

As humans we thrive on the need for flesh.  We need someone in person to encourage us, to touch us and to tell us that is all is well.  There is nothing wrong with these needs but they still won’t fulfill our deepest longings if we are missing out on the truest love that we could ever have, the love of Christ.

How do we know that we are loved?  Psalm 139 is a declaration of God’s love for us.  It goes beyond what the flesh can give us and reaches the inner parts of our soul and being.  It declares a love for us that has been predestined before time even began.  It also declares a love that will last for eternity.

One of the things that my husband and I often chuckle about is the fact that so often we complete each other’s sentences or thoughts.  We can both be thinking the same thing at the same time.  Sometimes all we have to do is give each other a certain look and we know what we are saying through our unspoken language.  That has come from being together over 20 years now.

However as much as we may know each other, there is One who knows us better than any human being could.  We are told in Psalm 139 that the Lord has searched us and He knows us.  Isn’t it reassuring to know that even when He has searched every aspect of who we are and has discovered those things that are unpleasant, He still loves us?

He knows everything we do.  He knows when we sit down and get up.  He knows our thoughts.  Yes my husband sometimes knows what I am thinking but even he can’t possibly know the most secret thoughts that dwell within. 

We also discover in Psalm 139 that God comprehends the path we are taking, when we lie down and He is acquainted with all of our ways.  Just when others say they will never understand you, He does!  He even knows what we are about to say.  Before the word even hits our tongue, He already has knowledge of what is about to come forth. 

This kind of knowing cannot be duplicated in a human relationship.  There is no possibility of another human being able to know us this way. 

I love the comfort of my husband’s arms but even he can’t hold me as the Lord does.  He hedges us in from every which way and His hand is upon us.  That is a comfort of heavenly arms that fulfills every longing we have. 

With my husband I can escape the clutches of his grasp.  I can turn and walk away from him when he has said or done something that hurts.  But with God, there is no fleeing or escaping from His Spirit and His presence.  No matter where we go, He is there.  We cannot hide from Him.  From every corner of this earth, His very being is there.

But it gets even better in Psalm 139.  While all of this is incredible to think about, there is also the way He created us.  His hand was in the creation of our bodies.  Within our mother’s womb He formed and shaped us and guess what?  He says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  His works are wonderful and that includes you!

Our days have already been written in a book that we cannot possibly comprehend.  Our days are numbered and He has a purpose and a plan that only He can truly fulfill.  This Valentine’s Day meet the greatest love you could ever have through the verses found in Psalm 139.

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