Gokey an Encouraging Music Teacher, Too

In my years of doing music with Danny, I can tell you that he’s not just another good singer.

When he made it through the opening round of “American Idol” panelists in Kansas City to Hollywood, I knew that they did the group round every year for qualifiers to advance.

I already became very excited even before he did the group round!

The reason is simple: Danny taught and arranged vocal parts on our praise and worship team for many years.

He did this on a weekly basis and I can tell you that he could take a wide variety of singers, some very gifted, and some with very limited experience and abilities, and make them sound absolutely incredible.

He is a very encouraging person and even though some singers don’t possess the talent he has, you would never know it. He would break apart a song so well and teach those singers to sing as a team rather than individuals.

We always had competitions between the musicians and the singers to see who would be ready for that rehearsal’s music first. I’m one of those musicians and I can tell you that usually we would lose that competition.

So when “American Idol” did their group songs, I’m certain that Danny took that group and led them as a team into that performance. I know how easy that comes to him and I know he made every one of singers feel like a million bucks!

Rehearsals were always fun and upbeat in big part to Danny! As I indicated in my last post, he loves to laugh.

I do have a couple (well maybe more than a couple) good Danny stories but mmmmm I think I better wait. . . . LOL!

Terry Morehouse is a music director for Faith Builders International Ministries in Beloit, Wis. He worked for several years with “American Idol” finalist Danny Gokey.


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