After a few rather scary turn-arounds, I am thinking of buying a GPS. I think it stands for global programming system but don’t quote me on that.

On a recent speaking engagement, I found the city easily enough but trailed around town for 30 minutes searching for the event location.  At this rate, I will pay for the GPS in saved gas money.

Still, can I really trust that GPS? My friend’s GPS took her along some scary back roads not long ago. She found herself on a dirt road and right next to the local jail.

So who can you believe; an old-fashioned map or a dandy new gadget? Common sense might be the answer. We both could have stopped to ask for directions but we didn’t. God likes us to ask him for directions and he is clear about who we should not be asking.

Isaiah 8:19- And when the people [instead of putting their trust in God] shall say to you, Consult for direction mediums and wizards who chirp and mutter, should not a people seek and consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living (AMP)?

Who or what directs our path?

Prayer: Father when we get grandiose ideas about what direction we ought to take, draw us back to you, the original Director of all things. Thanks. Amen.

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