Growing As A Christian By Being Mindful Of Others

There used to be a growth on my forehead. At the time, it greatly concerned my doctor. He said it could be cancerous. Previously I tried various home remedies. I rubbed aloe vera root on it. I then tried using the saliva from a garden snail. These provided only temporary relief as the growth would disappear only to recur in a few days. Even prayer had the same effect.

From my experiences, I now know God also enlists the help of doctors to heal people, even me. My health professional referred me to a surgeon at the hospital. He removed it and used a local anaesthetic. As it wore off, the pain became almost unbearable.

When walking along a corridor to get outside in the fresh air, it became worse. I was about to return and ask for some painkiller when coming toward me was a man in a wheelchair. He only had one leg. All of a sudden, my day got better. My problem seemed insignificant when compared to this man.

We greeted one another. I thought to myself, “What is God trying to show me though all of this?” I think He is trying to teach me not to worry about my own problems. I may have a sore head but I still possess two strong legs. Rather I should focus on what I have and not what is sore.

As a Christian, my calling is to serve God. Sometimes this comes straight away. Others need to grow in God before they find out. Next, allow the Holy Spirit to come and change us. This part will be a life long process that starts on the inside and works its way out.

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