Guarding God’s Word

What are the things that you guard with your life?  Most of us would likely give answers such as our family, our career, or our prized possessions.  We think of those things that have so much worth in our eyes that we would be willing to do just about anything to protect them.

But do you guard the Word?  Luke 11:28 (The Message) gives us a powerful reminder of how we can live a blessed life:  “Even more blessed are those who hear God’s Word and guard it with their lives!”

If you attend church, you hear God’s Word.  If you belong to a Bible study or a small group study, you hear the Word of God.  If you read your Bible, or watch a Christian television program you are hearing the Word.  But is that where it ends?  Or do you take it a step further and actually guard it?

Last summer our family took a trip to Washington D.C.  One of the sights we couldn’t wait for was the White House.  Let me tell you, it was heavily guarded.  There was no way we would get beyond the wrought iron fence without an invitation.  There even armed men on the roof of the White House.  We wouldn’t even dream of trying to penetrate the White House.

The same is true with the enemy of our souls.  He can’t get where he isn’t invited if we guard the Word.  He can’t penetrate our hearts and minds when we go beyond just hearing of the Word and actually guard it with our lives.

What does that mean?  It means living it.  It means trusting it.  It means believing it.  And it means obeying it.  It isn’t something that just tickles your ears once-a-week or whenever you are up to it.  It is meant to be something that gets down so deep; it becomes part of who we are.

Guarding God’s Word is the way to a blessed life.  But it is also the way to a protected life.  Have you been just hearing the Word, or have you been guarding it with your life?

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