Happy Un-Birthday

I’ve missed your birthday! So sorry! For the last two years, I’ve been writing to you everyday, yet somehow I missed your birthday! (Except for the 10% of you who actually celebrate your birthday today!) Anyway, let’s all celebrate somehow. Why not? Happy Un-birthday, one and all!

The Bible mentions a few memorable birthday parties. Both Pharaoh (Genesis 40) and Herod (Matthew 14) beheaded people at theirs.

I’m looking forward to the terrific birthday party God’s throwing for the New Heaven and the New Earth!

Pay close attention now: I’m creating new heavens and a new earth. All the earlier troubles, chaos, and pain are things of the past, to be forgotten. Look ahead with joy. Anticipate what I’m creating: I’ll create Jerusalem as sheer joy, create my people as pure delight. I’ll take joy in Jerusalem, take delight in my people. (Isaiah 65:17-18, MSG)

One-hundredth birthdays will be considered normal— anything less will seem like a cheat. (Isaiah 65:20a, MSG)

Prayer: Thanks Lord, for a reason to celebrate today! Amen.

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