Heart Crying

I have all this in house time on my hands and yet I sit and watch the dust collect. Does lack of a schedule make you even more undisciplined? 

A recent Facebook post said “Today I am doing nothing, because I started doing it yesterday and I wasn’t finished and I am no quitter!”

I am determinedly working away from that person into one who uses her time more efficiently!

I can maintain some semblance of my original life by moving anything, anywhere, any part of me. I do not need a gym and hoards of people. I can walk my halls, run in place on phone calls. I am sure you can think of hundreds more.

Singular walk sidewalks beckon. Backyards offer weed opportunities. We have multiple opportunities to move our bodies and so emerge from this crazy solitude without the Covid extra 15 pounds.

What we do now will dictate what we look like when we stick our heads out into the fresh air!

Will we have TV butts or TV buts? Only we have the power to decide.

Right now it feels like we are controlled by something we cannot see. But look around folks. There is a lot to see and it doesn’t have to be your butt widening by the moment, by the cookie or by the ice cream.

Altogether now! Stand up! Wave your arms about. Jump up and down four times. Twirl around the kitchen table! Stamp your feet ten times. Inhale deeply. Exhale heavily. Pray loudly. Now don’t you feel a bit better?

If this makes you dizzy, watch carefully for a visit from an angel. You never know what a little action on your part; in the spirit, might bring!

And there appeared to Him an angel from heaven, strengthening Him in spirit. (Luke 22:43, AMP)

Prayer-Father, thanks for pointing out that we have a part to do in keeping our spirits up. Amen.

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