Heaven is for Real…A Convincing Book!

The other day several teachers,colleagues and myself were sitting inside my classroom after the students had gone home for the day. While we took a moment to catch our breath after a very busy day, the familiar question of what everyone was reading was ask. Several people, including myself were anxious to share their current choice of reading material with the others.  As I listened to the suggestions, information and books that the others shared, I noticed that the book “Heaven is for Real” was mentioned by at least four of my friends. My curiosity peaked, it wasn’t the kind of books that I usually read…however, my own words of wisdom rang in my thoughts. As a teacher I’m always reminding my students of the importance of reading, I encourage them to read a variety of material, read for information, read for entertainment, read for knowledge, read the unfamiliar, read for relaxation, just read. I listened closer as the conversation and discussion of the book grew more intense, debatable, and very emotional. My curiosity had the best of me. I couldn’t wait to get home and load this book on my electronic reader. That evening, as soon as supper was finished and the dishes were washed, I purchased and loaded the book, made myself comfortable and turned to the first page. I became so engrossed in the story, the lives, the heartache, misfortune and the miracles that were occuring in the lives of this family inside this book, before I realized it I was halfway through the book! I had cried, laughed, rejoiced, and gave thanks while I devoured the pages. I couldn’t wait to finish the book, but sleep deprivation was taking over. Quickly I set the alarm to get up early the next morning. Never mind that it was Sunday and a day that I usually enjoyed a few extra winks of sleep…I was going to finish this book, and finish I did! It has been weeks since I read this wonderful, emotional, convincing and thought provoking book, yet I still find myself reflecting back to the events, characters and miracles that occured within this famiiles lives. If I could recommend one book to read that will fill your heart with hope, joy, and a newfound purpose that will keep your eyes forever fixed upon Heaven, it would be Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent’s “Heaven is for Real.” This is truly a wonderful book!

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