Help Me

Here is a much-abbreviated conversation I had with a telephone company machine.

Company– Thank you for waiting. Betty is ready to help.

Betty- Hello, thank you for visiting our service. We appreciate your patience. …May I know the details, please? Please provide your name and home phone number.

Me– I made an appointment and need to cancel it…re-repair. My service number is__________

Betty- This is an appointment for TV repair and service? Your phone number please?

Me– No- it is for home phone repair. My number is____________

Betty– Thank you.

Me– Is it canceled then??

Betty– We cannot find it. What is your phone number? And is this for TV? What is your email?

Me-No, it is for home phone repair. My email is__________

Betty-Still nothing, I am so sorry. What kind of TV service do you have please?

Me- NO! It is for a home phone not a TV.

Betty- Thank you. Please call this number ________for the cancellation.

Me-  Home phone, NOT TV

Betty- Yes I got that. For the cancellation, you call 611 on your home phone now.

Me-MY HOME PHONE IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty– You want to cancel the appointment for repair for the home phone?ME– YES PLEASE

Betty- You want to cancel it despite your home phone not working?


Betty-  Please call ______ for the home phone repair service.

Me-But my home phone is not working!

Company-Sorry, the chat session has been temporarily disconnected.

Prayer- Thank you God that you don’t work like that…You say to us, “Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I. (Isaiah 58:9, NIV) THANK GOD! Amen.

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