How to Pray

I’ve always written my prayers but seasoned Christians had different views.

  • I was told written prayers weren’t effective.
  • You have to speak your prayers.
  • You have to weep and moan your prayers. 
  • You always need a prayer partner. 
  • You have to have a prayer language. 
  • You need to get face down on the floor, 
  • You have to pray on your knees.

I tried all those other methods and more, and then I went back to writing my prayers. 

 Do you know why?  Jesus just wants us to pray!!  Its not the words, or the way you say them or the physical position you take. It’s the praying that counts. 

Check out the Prayer of Cyrus Brown (Sam Walter Foss) on the internet. It will give you a chuckle and some insight into how to pray.

Throughout Luke 11, we see that our way of prayer doesn’t matter. People might not like the answers they get or that you get. The long and the short of it is that Jesus said— Pray!

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