How Not to Get Caught Up in Political Issues

Some have asked where Christians should stand when it comes to political issues.  Although it may seem logical that all Christians would hold the same beliefs, that is not necessarily true.

This is why I feel it can be dangerous to try and group all Christians into one mindset, one political party or any one political issue.  You know the old saying that there are two things you never discuss with family, politics and religion.  Combine the two and you have the potential for a real disaster.

I used to associate myself with one particular party line.  However I began to recognize that evil exists on all sides.  So I converted to the independent party.  I now base my decisions on principles and morals, rather than on one particular party or person.

To be honest, some of the recent issues in the news have been enough to make my head spin.  The immigration debate, racial issues, the oil spill, crazy weather and storms, unemployment, healthcare and so much more is on this country’s plate that I don’t think we can take much more.

But then I remember that there is One who holds it all in His hands.  And He is the One that I should depend on when I have to make a choice or form an opinion no matter what the issue is about. 

Don’t get caught up in the heat of the issue.  Don’t spend too much time listening to others thoughts and opinions.  Turn to the Word and use that to figure out where you stand and what you believe. 

It’s not about Christians taking a particular stand on political issues.  It’s about lining up the Word of God with everything that happens and then going by truth.  After all, you really can’t argue with truth. 

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  1. said:

    Because I am an evangelical Christian, 95% of people assume that I support the right-wing Republican viewpoint on every issue. God gave us free will and the ability to think for ourselves and He also calls us to pray for our leaders–Democrat and Republican. Too often, we put too much hope in humans instead of trusting “the One who holds it all in His hands” as you said. I don’t think there’s ever been a time like the present to turn to God for prayer. It seems like the problems we are trying to fix on a national and international scale are far beyond our scope and capacity. Having the balance of power in Congress shift is not the answer. It’s spending more time on our knees. I always say that when you talk politics, you automatically alienate half of your listeners. We should choose to build relationships with others regardless of their political viewpoints.

    August 5, 2010
  2. said:

    Stephanie I agree with you. I also agree with Chuck above! Politics is a tricky situation and can destroy relationships. Thanks for posting! Jeff

    August 6, 2010

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