How to Know If Something Is From God

One of the questions I hear a lot of believers ask is, “How do I know if something is from God?”  While the typical Christian answer might be that if it lines up with the Word of God then you are good to go…that isn’t necessarily true.

The Word of God serves as a guideline but it doesn’t specifically plan out our lives.  The Bible is clear that God has a purpose and a plan for our life but how to get there may not be so obvious.

Another confusing thing we are sometimes told is that if it’s from God it will all go smoothly.  There have been many times when someone I know has taken a path that has led to a lot of trouble.  Others have counseled that it must not have been from God.  Does God not allow difficulties to come into our lives?

I wish I could give you a concrete answer as to whether or not something is from God.  Sometimes you will know because He reveals it to you in some form, whether through reading the Word, a dream, a word from someone else or any other means He deems appropriate.  However sometimes you just won’t know.

Then there are circumstances where it may have the appearance of not being from God but we don’t see the full picture.  We may not even know until the day we leave this earth what everything we did accomplished and how it impacted others. 

I think there are moments when God doesn’t really want us to question.  He just wants us to step out in faith.  Even if it leads down a rocky path we at least have the opportunity to learn some lessons.  You can’t really lose unless you are knowingly and deliberately going against God’s plans. 

While you may not necessarily know every single time if something is from God, you can be assured that He has your back.  He is with you every step of the way and with that comfort; you can trust that no matter which way you go, you are never alone.

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  1. said:

    Nicely done Stephanie. I think your spot on the mark. God does want us to sometimes step out and take a risk, to do so in faith that He is sovereign. Getting outside of our comfort zone is not easy, but growth is not always comfortable. My compliments.

    August 27, 2010

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