How To Read Your Bible

So you’ve started to read your Bible, now what? If your reading in your Bible, and haven’t the slightest idea what is going on while reading it you have a problem on your hands.

There are a couple of solutions for this. First, try reading a different version of the Bible. Most of the translations out there are great; however some of them are a bit more difficult to read than others are. For example, most Americans don’t usually speak in “old English” using words such as thou, thee, and thy. If not, it might be a good idea—at least at first—to stay away from a King James Bible. Hopefully it goes without saying that at some point you are going to have to read out of a King James Version of the Bible, but this can wait until you have some experience reading easier versions.

I’m not going to tell you which version is the best. And to be honest, the more versions you have the better off you will be. For example, we have a total of 8 different versions of the Bible in our house (3 of which are within reach of where I’m sitting right now). Of course all you need to start is just one version.

The next thing I’m going to suggest is that you buy a book entitled Living by the Book: The Art And Science Of Reading The Bible. One thing is for sure, if I ever pastor a flock this book might be mandatory in order for people to join. Does that sound harsh? What is the point if you don’t know how to read the Bible? This book does an excellent job of breaking Bible study down so even the layman can understand it. It is an excellent book, and I recommend it to all Christians (even those who already know how to effectively read and study the Bible).

There you have it. The Bible is not the easiest book to read. However there are resources out there that allow people to be able to study the Bible better. And who knows, soon you could really start to develop a love for God’s Word.

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