I Choose Humility

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”
1 Peter 5:5

Some mornings I get up thinking about what lies ahead in my day. And I must admit, there are times that I just get 'full' of myself!

Maybe I have an important meeting at work, and I know that is my chance to shine. Or perhaps it's an event I will be attending, where I may rub elbows with influential or well-known people. Once in a while, it's just because I'm feeling like I am super 'special', so something truly 'great' has to happen to me today.

Other times it's a competiveness issue. I must be better than that one, or I have to outshine this one. And why is that sinner down the street driving the sports car I should have, and living like you know what and getting away with it? Surely God doesn't like that. Why would He allow that, when here I am, Miss Super Special.

But in my heart of hearts, I know who I am. I am the daughter of the Most High God. Talk about rubbing elbows! How could I ever do better than that? Who is most influential in my life? And exactly why is it that the knowledge of whoI really am suddenly brings humility to my soul?

It's because His grace is sufficient. His grace answers all my needs, my wants, my wannabes. His grace lifts me up, and it puts me in my place, all at the same time. His grace is more than enough.

God is the most generous being. He is awesome in the way He brings blessings to the poorest of the poor, and to the richest of the rich. He knows what we need when we need it. He pours His love and His grace on us without reservation. This truth alone is enough to bring us to a place of humility, on our knees, hearts lifted to the throne, eyes on His beautiful face.

Jesus walked in utter humility, but with dignity and love shining from His countenance. We should pray for the same walk, for the very essence of what He brought to this world. He lived and He died with grace and He bestows that same grace on those who belong to Him. We are the privileged sons and daughters of that grace, the grace of the risen King.

So look at yourself today in a different light, just like I am doing. Remember that you are not so special after all, yet you are the most special, special and precious to the One who holds you in His wonderful hand. And whatever you choose to do today, and every day hereafter, do with humbleness, with love, with the same grace
extended to others as has been extended to you. This pleases the Heart of Grace Himself.

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