Identity Crisis: Who Am I?

Have you ever compared yourself to others?

Perhaps you look at your peers and wonder what happened? We’re the same age, how can this be? How have they accomplished that while I’m still struggling to get a start?

Perhaps you have said the same thing when looking at those younger than you. All the while you’re wondering did they get a lucky break or is it something else.

Ever look in the mirror and ask “Who am I?”

Finding who you are is the path to breaking away from the clutches of comparison.

I don’t know who you are. But, let me tell you who you are not. You’re not me. The success you achieve is uniquely your success. Sure I can celebrate it but it’s yours.

If I may confess, throughout my Christian walk, especially as a minister and even more so while in full-time ministry, I found myself comparing my circumstances to others. Wondering how that guy could be my age and yet lead a thriving busting at the seams ministry while I was struggling to breathe hope into a handful. Thinking like that totally destroys any sense of… impact. All it does is bear fruit of dis-satisfaction, jealousy and sometimes regret.

Even if you’re not in ministry and can’t relate with that you can most certainly replace the specifics and make it apply to your circumstance.

I worked for a pest management company named Zap (fictious name); they started over a decade ago. Shortly after they opened their doors another company called Splat (fictious name) sprouted up. Now years later Splat has blown Zap away. Splat is led by a guy nearly half the age of Zap’s owner. They have multiple employees, two offices and a recognizable image; needless to say they are successful. It would be easy for Zap to just roll over and die a miserable death. But they don’t, they push on… realizing that not everyone can be reached by Splat; despite how big they are. Zap has its problems no doubt about it; but, they don’t let the success of Splat kill them.

So many times we let our perceived deficiencies hold us back from becoming ourselves. There’s no greater person on the planet than the one who recognizes who they are and leverages that truth for the good of those around them. The eternal ripple caused by Jesus is tied to his own realization of who he was and leveraging that truth.

Now, I realize that sometimes there are genuine deficiencies that do indeed hold us back from becoming all that we can be. However, they can be corrected, adjusted or modified bringing us into a place where we are indeed aligned.


You don’t have to be a Mark Zuckerburg, Barack Obama or Steve Jobs to make a difference.

All you have to be is YOURSELF.

Over the years I’ve come to better grips with my place in this world, my place in the Kingdom. I’ve realized that I have my own path to walk in HIS-story. And while my path, just as yours does, crosses many other paths ultimately there is only one me. Never again will there be another me. Never again will there be another you. So may you see your importance, your worth to yourself and to those around you.

The process of evolving your thinking can be a difficult task as you are confronted with things you may not wish to admit about yourself but its key in finding the real you, the one behind the mask – behind the hurt – behind the curtain.

As I said above – There’s no greater person on the planet than the one who recognizes who they are and leverages that truth for the good of those around them.

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