Idle Prayers

I found it when I was cleaning out a closet and thought of throwing it out but that little fanny pack had travelled all the way to Israel with me. I hated to just toss it out.

“Maybe somebody will want that someday, God,” I thought and I tossed it back into the closet.

Not a week later, I heard of a little boy who needed a fanny back to carry his meds in. I wonder if all those coincidences were just that or where they God incidences??

The world dismisses such thoughts as folly, but you and I know better… Note the progression here:

And call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall honor and glorify Me. (Psalm 50:15, AMP)

We call, he answers, he delivers us and then we honour and glorify him for that… Let’s not forget that part.

Prayer – Dear God, help us recognise the little God incidences of our everyday life so that we can thank you for them. Amen

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