If Only I Could Dance

My feet get all tangled up when I dance. The Waltz is okay but I’m hopeless at the Tango. 

Still, I’m not a total failure. I’ve learned the basics of Dad’s sewing/fabric business. Some people are afraid of my Dad because he looks a bit different, but I love him because he’s my Dad! He donates extra yarns and threads from his business for weird things like fishing nets, and medical research. He’s big on community involvement and we participate in clean-up sessions. Dad even got a medal for keeping our yard clean and tidy. 

My family is big on adventure. My cousins can swim under water and my aunt travelled into space. Uncle George made it to the Olympics in the long jump category and Granny has eyes in the back of her head! Really! She caught me snacking before dinner yesterday and she wasn’t even looking at me. My sisters are overly proud of their tiny waists but they hate having to shave their legs so often. (These are not manly qualities, so I generally never mention them.) 

So you see, I’m not so bad, really and my family is great. If I could only dance and please my girl friend, I’d be a happy camper. My legs get into such knots and wrap themselves around each other. It must be my shoes. My siblings can wear my hand-me-downs, but since I’m the oldest, I have to wait till my parents can afford things. Sometimes eight legs are a real drag.

(Did you guess who the speaker was? Yes indeed, a spider. Just as there are different insect and animal species there are different peoples. Love them all. Their life is pretty much like yours.)

You will notice that the variety of bodies is stunning. Just as there are different kinds of seeds, there are different kinds of bodies—humans, animals, birds, fish—each unprecedented in its form. (1 Corinthians 15:39, MSG)

Prayer- Lord, forgive us for judging one of us different from another. We all want to dance. Amen.

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