In His Hand (Part 2)

Isaiah 41:13I am holding you by your right handI, the Lord your Godand I say to you, Dont be afraid; I am here to help you (LB).

After five and a half hours of surgery, and a screw nail in my jaw,   I was wheeled back to my room. I had always hated hospitals. I had no desire to even visit one. Ironically, I now found myself in the very place I hated. On top of that, I was sicker than anyone I had ever seen. I had tubes coming out of places all over my body.

I began to think of the times I could have or at least should have stayed at the bedside of friends and yes, even family. Amazing how God takes your fears and plunks you right down in the middle of them.

Since I couldn’t run, I began to do the next best thing. I began to pray. As I lifted up my hand to praise Him, to my astonishment, I felt a squeeze on my hand. I knew it was the Lord. There was no one else there. All my life, I was raised to trust a man by his handshake. I’ve made lots of purchases and sales on the strength of men’s handshakes. There was no mistaking the promise in this one. My Lord confirmed in my heart what I knew in my head. He was with me. The memory of that handshake sustained me through the things to come.

What if we reached out for God’s hand in the midst of our fear?

Prayer: Lord, Your promises are always true. Bless your name forever. In grateful thanks. Amen

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