Invest In Kindness

Some six months ago, I told you in this post about Reed Sandridge and his yearlong experiment to give $10 a day to a complete stranger, all while unemployed. His blog, “Year of Giving,”  chronicles the challenge that he set forth for himself, in honor of his mother. Reed's experiment concluded in mid-December with a celebration that included as many of his recipients as he could round up.

I can remember being so happy for Reed when he shared in late summer that he had landed a job, just shortly before I landed a job of my own. So, I guess that's it, right? With employment secured, there is no need to practice this act of selfless giving any longer–mission accomplished. Not so for Reed. This year he is challenging himself to give of his time by volunteering for various organizations. And he's hoping to pass the giving torch on, to people who find themselves unemployed and want to experience the joy of being a “Kindness Investor.”

Sandridge is asking for unemployed individuals, who would be willing to give $10 away every day for 1 week to sign up as Kindness Investors and share their experience with his blog readers. Much like the widow in Luke 21 who gave all that she possessed, Sandridge believes that this project “is a much more meaningful experience for both the giver and the receiver when the giver does not have a steady income.”

I haven't forgotten what it was like to be unemployed and I watch enough news broadcasts to know that there are still plenty of people sending out resumes' and waiting for that perfect opportunity to come along. Perhaps you will consider contacting Reed and giving $70 and a week of your time to invest in a little kindness for others–I feel certain that in this uncertain economy, you'll see a return on your investment. You can read more details and sign up to be a Kindness Investor here.

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