Is Your Soil Prepared for a Harvest?

The parable of the scattered seed is one that I have always attributed to salvation.  Some people hear the Word of God but the seed that has been planted falls on hardened soil.  As soon as they receive it, it is snatched away.

Then there is the seed that lands in the gravel, where nothing ends up producing because the soil is so shallow.  Then there is the seed that is overtaken by weeds, the worries and stresses of life and once again, nothing is produced.

While all of this can definitely be attributed to what happens as far as someone experiencing salvation, I think it also speaks to our growth as a believer.

Now take this last story of the parable.  “But the seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams” (Mark 4:20, The Message).

Is the soil of your heart prepared for a harvest?  Because it is about more than just planting the seed of salvation in our hearts.  We can be “saved” and yet produce a very small crop.  I don’t want just a little plot of “something,” I want a harvest. 

A harvested life is one that keeps on producing and showing something for it.  It is essentially walking and living out your life as a believer.  It becomes something that others can visibly recognize. 

If people you work with, live around or go to school with don’t even know you are a believer, you might not have much of a harvest there.  Others should know.  Even if they don’t agree with us or maybe they don’t even like us, they should at least know that we are followers of Christ.

It’s that time of year where many of us are beginning to plan and prepare for our gardens.  But don’t neglect the soil of your heart.  It takes planning and preparing to make that soil be ready for a spiritual harvest. 

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