It Can Only Happen At A Circus – Or Can It?

If I could be in a circus, the ringmaster would be the most desirable position. Crack the whip and everyone jumps to attention. Some of my children know I would never be able to hurt a fly. They are right.

Maybe I can try out at being a clown and have the grandkids crawling all over me. No, we already do that. Perhaps I could ride a big white horse. What about being a lion tamer? Now they would take notice when I crack the whip. Sounds like fun, but their bad breath would only upset my equilibrium, and I am far too nervous to be a knife-thrower.

What part would really suit me in a circus? Well it is a toss up between a tightrope walker and a juggler. I know how to balance the family budget and I just love haggling at yard sales.

What part would you like to play? Suppose we leave the circus analogy and go to church. Do you sit in the pew and doze away? Are you a participator or spectator? What can you do?

Next time there is a working bee get on down and help. Do something constructive. Before repainting your own home, check out God’s house. Do His gardens need weeding? Does the hedge need a clip? Are there any trees to prune? As you serve the Lord in this way, you will not have any regrets.

If you are new to a fellowship, get on the door shaking hands and giving out the church notices. You will soon make many friends. Still not sure, then go talk to an elder or your minister. They will be happy to help you find your place.

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