It Was a Prayin’ Kinda Day

There are days when we pray, as Christians do, and then there are those other days that are “Prayin' Kinda Days.”

Yesterday was one of those days…..

It was a mixed bag of nuts with regard to prayer yesterday. The day started out full of hope, excitement, joy and the usual busyness that is normal at my job. But it very quickly became much more.

I was so excited and joyful that my hubby was returning last night from a week-long mission trip to another country. I was missing him way too much!  I was also pretty much ecstatic because of a personal goal I had in my life that was realized yesterday. And , such mundane things as the fact that our dogs had behaved exceptionally well before I left home, and my breakfast was perfect, and my work day had begun on a very positive note…all these things contributed to the smile on my face.

This quickly changed as I received the news that a young lady in our church had passed away that morning in Hospice House. She had suffered from a disease since birth, and had long outlived her life expectancy. Sad news indeed, but tinged with joy as well, as she carried the Light of the Lord everywhere she went. 

Then my hubby called to let me know the mission team was in Miami's airport. Great! But then he told me one team member, our pastor, had to stay behind for a day or two because of an illness. Not so great!

When I picked him up at the church last night, another team member had taken sick, and in the middle of the night, he did too! So today has been an extension of the Prayin' Kinda Day that began yesterday. I didn't know that could happen.

But here is what did happen. I began to pray…to pray without ceasing, as the Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Hard to do when there are constant interruptions in our day. But if we are focused, and ask Jesus to help us, we can do it!  And as I prayed throughout the day and the night,  waiting for answers, hoping against hope that all would be well, the words from Psalm 38:15 came to mind, reminding me that God does hear us, and that if we will but wait on Him in faith and with patience, He will answer. He is our God, after all, and He cares for every thing that we care about, be it a small issue or a very large problem.

So, Jesus came and filled me with peace, for He is peace, as we learn in Ephesians 2:14. He is the God of all peace.  We merely need to ask, and wait, and He will bring it upon us.

And guess what? I can see that life is still good, even in the midst of adversity and grief. God is still on His throne, ruling from on high, and that is something we all can take comfort in.

Today is another 'Prayin' Kinda Day'.  And for once, I am glad of it.  Are  you?

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