It’s Not About You…

We all have incidents, tragedies, and those unexpected events that disrupt our daily lives and our routines. These incidents are not always easy to accept and often result in questions, doubt and bitterness. I too have had situations occur in my life that I too questioned, doubted and events that I allowed a form of bitterness to build up within myself. If you’ve ever been consumed with bitterness you know the unhappiness that settles over your entire life, it’s terrible. Over the years I felt that I had matured and grown as a Christian, learning to cope with those unexpected curves that life throws at us. However, recently I was presented with a challenge that disrupted my entire life, schedule, time and even my church time. My husband had suddenly been changed to third shift and his work week now started on Sunday evening…My church night! For a number of weeks, I was so discouraged and tired as I wasn’t sleeping well and my health was beginning to suffer. I had nothing but negative things to say about the situation when ask. I was unhappy with everything and everyone. Nothing satisfied me, and I couldn’t seem to pray about it…until one morning I finally broke down and was able to pray with a sincere heart about the situation. As I was praying I kept hearing the words “It’s not about you” within my spirit. It was so clear that I suddenly stopped praying and looked around the room. I knew it was the voice of the Lord, but it was so clear and precise I almost expected to see someone standing in the room with me. For days when I prayed I heard the same message “It’s not about you.”  I wasn’t sure what it meant, but I knew the Lord was trying to get my attention! Finally, one evening while we were eating supper my husband began to share with me a conversation that he and a newfound friend at work had the night before. It was about church, Christianity, the bible, beliefs the things that my husband, who is a sinner, refused to talk about with others, not even me! For an instant, I was offended. How dare he talk to a rank stranger about something that he wouldn’t even talk to me about, his wife of thirty one years! Then as suddenly as the offensive thought entered my mind…so did the words “It’s not about you!”  Suddenly I knew what the words meant and I knew why my husband’s shift had been changed. My prayers had been answered, and I hadn’t even recognized it. The Lord had placed that someone in my husband’s life to touch his heart, to help break down the barriers, and increase the desire to want to serve the Him that I had so often ask for. Quietly, I thanked the Lord for placing this friend with my husband, and since accepting this change which I now know was the Lord’s will…I have had nothing but restful nights and peace within my joy has returned! I might have to leave church a little early to ensure my husband is up and ready for work, but I am not discouraged as I know it’s not about me! Yes, God has a way of getting our attention, but we must be willing to listen and accept his will.

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