Jesus on Manna

Let’s set the scene. (All these thoughts are from John 6, MSG).  Jesus had just fed 5000 people or so, with five barley loaves and two fishes. The crowd tracked Jesus down the next day, because as Jesus said “You’re only here for the free food!

They played dumb, even daring to set the rules.

  1. Why don’t you give us a clue about who you are, just a hint of what’s going on?
  2. When we see what’s up, we’ll commit ourselves.
  3. Show us what you can do.
  4. Moses fed our ancestors with bread in the desert. It says so in the Scriptures:
  5. He gave them bread from heaven to eat. (John 6:30-31, MSG)

Jesus answered-

  1. The real significance of that Scripture is not that Moses gave you bread from heaven.
  2. But that my Father is right now offering you bread from heaven, the real bread.
  3. The Bread of God came down out of heaven and is giving life to the world.

The people want some of this bread—until they find out what it is. You see, Jesus is onto them.

He replies… I am the Bread of Life. I have told you this explicitly because even though you have seen me in action, you don’t really believe me. (John 35-38, MSG)

What free stuff are you looking for from the Christ?

Prayer – Father, thanks for telling us the price of that free stuff in John 6:29.  Jesus said, “Throw your lot in with the One that God has sent. That kind of a commitment gets you in on God’s works.” Thanks for telling us the truth. Help us walk in true commitment to your Son, the Christ. Amen

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