Job Hunting 1930s Style

I am fortunate to be working doing what I enjoy doing most–reporting, editing and writing.

I have compassion for the millions of people who have lost jobs in the last year. Undoubtedly, some have “done it to themselves,”–as some may bluster–with unfortunate investing decisions, but we’re not all financial whizzes. Even the financial whizzes are something else now, and I’m even going to delve into AIG.

If you are unemployed you can literally plug away endlessly on Internet job boards, professional organizations or throw a fishing line into the ocean on Craig’s List. Indiana, where I live, received some disturbing, although unsurprising, news having the largest uptick in unemployment in the last month.

One man who has taken a page out of the Great Depression is David Dallecarbonare. He has taken to walking through downtown Indianapolis with a old-fashioned sandwich board around his neck prospecting for a job.

There are two probable responses here: 1) Roll your eyes and think this guy needs to find a Starbucks with WiFi and start pounding out the resumés or 2) Nice try, buddy, and good luck.

Personally, I go for option 2. The chances of finding something are virtually zero and Dallecarbonare says he is also trying the more traditional, technology-driven routes.

Having seen friends and family members struggle with employment issues, I have a hard time being too critical.

Paul wrote inspirationally in 2 Thessalonians 3 about the necessity of work. I won’t begrudge someone for trying to meet that standard, even if it involves pounding the pavement in an unusual manner.


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