Joy in Christ

I hope my writings encourage you a bit, but I want to tell you that your writings definitely speak into mine. When I let slip that I was struggling, you spoke Godly encouragement into my life.

My words- Because I haven't been seriously meeting with God for the last few days, I find myself living with ruthless abandon in some areas of my life. I've snapped at family once or twice and grumbled at the slow clerk in the grocery. My weight loss plan has gone to pot, and I mean that literally! It's a good job that we don't have a pet. I might have felt like kicking it.

And your words (always with your permission) shared with others.

Happiness or Joy

One bright day of balmy sunshine Dame Happiness was found
Strolling barefoot through the sands of life midst surf lapping all around 

The gentle breeze conducting sea birds wheeling through the air
Could ever greater happiness be any place but there?

Then shattered peace that day released, roiling clouds denied the view
Till darkness covered all that place, opening storms of life anew.

Caught unawares Dame Happiness fell weeping to the ground
Safe sanctuary within that place was nowhere to be found!

Yet lady joy, a sister near knew what she had to do
Had listened to what Jesus said, was joyful all day through!

–Allan Mackellar (based on Psalm 16-1-2, 8-9, 11, used by permission)

Psalm 16:11- You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand (NIV).

Prayer: Thanks you Lord that while happiness is fleeting, and subject to the vagaries of this world, joy in Christ is eternal, and guaranteed by Jesus in every circumstance! Amen!

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