Jumping to Conclusions

My therapist tells me a little heat before my arm exercises will bring more ease of movement.

Should you apply any heat to your injuries? I have no idea but research reveals this information.

The general rule is that nobody seems to be sure; I kid you not! The bare bones are ice for acute injury, pain, inflammation and swelling. Heat is for muscle pain and stiffness. THEN the articles go on to say the same injury might need both! Are you kidding me?

The wrong treatment could get you into trouble. Look at Paul who applied a little heat and see what happened to him!

The day was rainy and cold and we were already soaked to the bone, but they built a huge bonfire and gathered us around it.   Paul pitched in and helped. He had gathered up a bundle of sticks, but when he put it on the fire, a venomous snake, roused from its torpor by the heat, struck his hand and held on. Seeing the snake hanging from Paul’s hand like that, the natives jumped to the conclusion that he was a murderer getting his just deserts. Paul shook the snake off into the fire, none the worse for wear. They kept expecting him to drop dead, but when it was obvious he wasn’t going to, they jumped to the conclusion that he was a god! (From Acts 28:1-4, MSG)

See what happens when people jump to conclusions? They often make the wrong assumption.

Paul was not a god but he certainly knew God personally!

Prayer- Lord, we are ashamed of the number of times we have jumped to the wrong conclusions. Forgive us and help us see straight…through your eyes. Amen.

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