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Have you ever thought you’d like something but never really mentioned it aloud or even prayed about it? Last fall, I pulled out an inexpensive necklace I really like but hardly ever wear since the matching earrings are so awkward to put on. Ron used to help me with them because they are made of some twisted wire stuff that never goes on straight.

“It would be nice to have the earrings to match.”  I thought. “Maybe I could take these to a bead store and get them redone.” And I placed the necklace back into the drawer.

Several months later, my children gave me a set of earrings. They are sterling silver and the beads exactly match my necklace.

What can we learn from this? No one knew my heart but God, no one. He gave me my heart’s desire but improved the gift!  God answers all kinds of prayers, even ones that aren’t prayed in the ‘normal’ way. He loves to delight and surprise His children, but sometimes He makes us wait for the answers.

I’d love to hear how God has answered your ‘thought’ prayers.

Prayer: Lord, as always we are astonished at how much love you have for us. Thanks again. In Christ. Amen.

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