Kirk Franklin texting Bible verses to fans

Contemporary Christian recording artist Kirk Franklin is rewarding fans who send him text messages while on tour this summer. Franklin will text back with daily Bible verses as part of the American Bible Society’s The Bible is My Guide Project. Franklin will also encourage concert attendees to either continue or become regular Bible readers. “I’ve found the process of reading the Bible and writing a song is life-changing, and I’m always eager to share the inspiration behind my music,” Franklin said. The Bible is My Guide Project was also adopted my New York Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera in 2007. It also touts use by Spanish language recording artists Rojo and Juan Luis Guerra. Former Yankee outfielder Bernie Williams is also part of the project. Franklin is a seven-time Grammy winner at hosts BET’s Sunday Best on the Black Entertainment Television cable network. Links: The Bible is My Guide: American Bible Society: BET’s Sunday Best:

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