Knowing When to Quit

The electric toothbrush needed charging, but refused to be controlled by the shut off switch. Instead it drizzled on, making noise but not actually accomplishing anything.

Do you find yourself in a job, especially at church, that no longer accomplishes anything? You know God is telling you that you’ve lost your oomph, like that toothbrush, but you cling to the position?

Examine your heart carefully. Are you there because it makes you look good? Or part of the ‘in’ crowd? Do you refuse to resign because you think that no one else is capable?

Set aside pride, fear and/or self-glorification. Obey God. He knows better than you. Trust him.

Don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? (Luke 12:26b, MSG)

Prayer- Forgive us Lord for hanging on when we ought to let go. Amen.


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