Last Ten Pounds

Why are we never content with our weight? Why do we want to lose just ten more pounds?

Wherever did we get the idea that we had to be emaciated? Listen to this.

And behold, there came up out of the river Nile, seven well-favored cows, sleek and handsome and fat; …. And behold, seven other cows came up after them out of the river Nile,ill favored and gaunt and ugly,… (From Genesis 41:2-3, AMP)

So fat is described as sleek and handsome, while thin is ill favored and gaunt. Hmmm.

In the Old Testament, fat was precious and even used as a burnt offering.  (Exodus 29:13, Leviticus 3:3)

And since the Father, (with the word fat actually part of his name) loves fat why wouldn’t he love ours?

Of course, none of us have to weigh 300 pounds but just maybe that ‘last ten’ is not as crucial as we think. A little extra weight gives health benefits like strengthening our bones.

Prayer- Father, may we put our energy into your works instead of our last ten pounds. Amen.

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