Learning in Aloneness (Part 2)

We suffered from depression and anxiety during the last couple of years. Some of that surely came from newscasts that repeatedly told us how depressed we were supposed to be.

Sadly, when we were down, we weren’t always our best selves. Certainly, our mental health suffered but take comfort. So did everyone else’s. That’s why we need God so much. He sees our collapsing selves and loves us anyway. Our flesh and our hearts might fail but as always, even in the awful of life, God is our strength, our heart, and our portion forever.

The Bible records multiple failings by some of the bravest heroes.  David was separated from friends and family while on the run from Saul. Saul failed too, but the difference between them is that one asked God for forgiveness and the other did not.

We learned lessons in our aloneness, our pity parties, our doing without. We learned that we are stronger than we think. We learned that we can withstand such trouble because we did it once already. After all, practice makes perfect!

Take courage my friends, God has overcome the world, even in the midst of our awful.

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