Left over Life

I’ve only one life; it soon will be gone. What will remain of the things that I’ve done?

Will I be remembered as someone who cared? Sympathized? Someone who shared?

Am I so obsessed with desire to succeed that my eyes are blinded to someone in need?

Or could I put on hold my ambitions, my dream to help a weak brother to boost self-esteem?

Am I so preoccupied that I can’t find room to share a friend’s sorrow, dispel a friend’s gloom?

Would I stop my dashing around here and there to help out a neighbor, to show that I care?

Do I lend an ear to someone who’s grieved? Can I listen silently until they’re relieved?

Or does a cascade of MY words get in the way of the message of love God wants me to portray?

Do I seem absorbed by the things that “I” own? Am I swallowed up in MY OWN little throne?

Or can I show joy at a friend’s great success? Can I honestly join HIM in HIS happiness?

Will the things that I did on earth be worthwhile? Have I lightened a load? Gone second mile?

Did I put off my ambitions; put them on hold to help someone else in reaching his goal?

(Helen Dowd-by permission.)

Who among us is a good neighbor? Answer…the one who shows pity and mercy. Go and do likewise. (Luke 10:36-37) 

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