Lessons on Growing Up From ’Toy Story 3’

This week the latest film by Disney/Pixar was released in theaters and brought an amazing conclusion to the story of Andy & his toys on the big screen.  As a child I remember being taken to the movies to see the very first 'Toy Story' film and feeling connected to the wonder and awe of imagination and friendships made with imaginary friends.  I look back now on those days, and remember things being so much simpler. 

As a teenager, I can recall taking my little sister to see “Toy Story 2” and watching her smile as Jesse the cowgirl danced across the screen.  I also remember that Christmas hunting the toy stores for the famous Jesse doll that sold out in nearly ever retail/toy store!  I remember the angst of being a teenager.  The frustrations of fitting in, and making friends.  I remember watching “Toy Story 2” and thinking about Andy and his toys, and the feelings of rejection and making new friends.

Last night, I re-lived the magic of friendship in “Toy Story 3”.  The film, which has had mixed reviews, was perfect in my eyes. With humor that both children today, and college students who grew up with the films could understand and enjoy.  There were the same friendly faces, and a few new ones who showed up, and the bonds that were formed between the toys and Andy were both moving and hilarious!

However, a more serious note came about in the last 5 minutes of the film.  Andy going to college, and realizing that it's okay to let go of childhood dreams.  I don't want to spoil any of the storyline, but I can tell you this— surround yourself with good friends, some who you “grew up” with, and if you can't get a hold of anyone, then remember them fondly as you watch this film.  I was happy to share the tears of growing up and the hope of the future with my husband, and few of our friends.  We grew up with Andy, and now we are letting go, TOGETHER.

Growing up and moving on can be tough to say the least; but growing up can be so meaningful when you have a few good friends by your side to share the laughs, tears and the memories of what once was, and what's coming to be.

So here's to good friends, and here's to good memories.  Thanks Disney/Pixar for reminding us all the importance of friendship, and the importance of letting go.

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