Let God Speak

We didn’t buy any expensive Bible Studies or chase after a great Christian author when the three of us started this study. We simply decided to read our way from Genesis to Revelation. That’s it.

We meet once a week and hardly ever get through more than 3 chapters. We take turns reading. We interrupt each other when we have questions. We do not use in depth concordances. We just read God’s Word, the Bible. We started at the first of the book, Genesis and we are reading in order till we finish Revelation. About ½ hour before quitting time, we go to prayer.

I must say it is one of the most fulfilling studies I have ever done. Nobody is translating for us. No one is telling us what the Word should mean. We just let God speak to us, and we love it.

Perhaps you’d like to try it for yourself.

Prayer: Lord, may we always be open to Your word and what You have to say in it. Amen.


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