Littering And Character Flaws

I was driving after lunch the other day and just as I got to my turn off something came flying at me from the truck in front of me. This white thing tumbled onto the highway spewing ice and straw and whatever liquid was at the bottom of the cup. It was a government truck, too. You'd think…

I hate seeing litter along the streets and roads. It is one of my pet peeves along with finding grocery buggies stacked around my car with I come out of Walmart. It got me to thinking about character and how our actions expose our character when we least expect it.

In first grade, I learned that a tattle-tale has no sense of honor, and she just wanted to get as many people in trouble as possible. (She'll grow up to steal your boyfriend if given half a chance, mark my words!) I learned that red check marks on your report card aren't a good thing, but generally mean that “You talk too much”… Moi?

Later, I learned that many people will say one thing but when your back is turned will do/say something entirely different. Those people can not be trusted. I learned that the people who followed through with what they promised could be trusted in the big things as well as the little things.

Even later, I learned that entrusting money to a spendthrift only made that person's bad money management even worse. I also learned that when someone kept your secret, they could be trusted in a personal crises as well.

People that throw things out the window are the kind of humans that expect others to fix their messes; who will spew their emotional trash around for any body and everybody to hear, never caring about other's feelings. Those people will carry around anger and bitterness and like an avalanche drop it all over some unsuspecting victim, with never a thought about it… leaving the mess in their wake, never looking back.

Beware of people who throw trash out their windows. They will not pick up after themselves, they most likely are the very ones that leave their grocery baskets behind your parked car. Just passing along a word to the wise.

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