Living The Word Of God

I am not a big fan of the “name it and claim it” sensation that some attach themselves to.  Its not that I don’t think you can believe for something when you are praying the will of God but I think we have to be sensible when it comes to claiming scripture over our lives.

For instance, when someone is sick we like to claim healing over their bodies.  Exodus 15:26 reminds us that “I am the Lord who heals you.”  While this is true and that God doesn’t want to see His children suffering we have a part to play in all of this.

Throughout the Old Testament there are hundreds of scripture verses that we may skip over or skim.  They are the verses pertaining to hygiene and cleanliness.  God set forth health standards that although may not be the most interesting bit of reading, they are essential for living full lives.

In other words, you can’t live an unhealthy lifestyle and expect God to heal you of ailments that are a direct result of your choices.  For several years I really battled with fatigue.  My answer was to have God heal me of it.  But I was never a big fan of exercise and although I didn’t struggle with weight in my early adult years it did begin to catch up with me.

Eventually I came to the realization that God isn’t going to heal foolish decisions.  When I have the means and ability to live a healthier lifestyle but I choose not to, I can’t expect God to make up for it.

God is not a genie in the bottle that dispenses our every wish.  We can’t claim financial blessing over our lives if we are not being good stewards of our money.  We can’t claim peace in our lives if we are harboring anger and unforgiveness towards others.  In other words, God’s scripture is not a magic pill for us to take so that we can sit back and do nothing.

God’s Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12) but we don’t get to just bum a ride off it.  God’s Word is to be lived out.  We have a part to play in making it happen. 

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